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GT Mail 4.5, our premier Email Spam Filtering Service, is a platform independent, secure, reliable and affordable service designed to block spam, eliminate inbound email viruses, and increase your employees productivity. Turn it on today and liberate your email.

5/23/2005 - Global Tenant partners with Northwrite Consulting to provide Spam Filtering and Email Security Services:

Global Tenant, Inc., an Enterprise Email Security solutions provider since 2001, has partnered with Northwrite Consulting to deploy Spam Filtering and Email Security solutions to over 1200 NC clients.

Global Tenant recently signed an agreement with Northwrite Consulting to migrate over 1200 of their existing customers from an appliance based Email Spam filtering to GT Mail Spam and Virus filtering services. The implementation of services for over 1200 email domains will take place in Q3 of 2005. The primary driver for the migration from Appliance based spam filtering solutions to GT Mail Email Security services is the immediate reduction of maintenance costs associated with the existing Appliances. The Spam and Virus filtering services provided by GT Enterprise Defense will reduce the overall costs by 70 percent as compared to the existing Appliance based solutions utilized by Northwrite. The centrally managed services will allow Northwrite Consulting to apply global Spam and Anti-Virus policies across all 1200 customer email domains, while still allowing Administrators have granular control at the unique email domain level.

GT mail has proven to be critical for companies needing to secure their mail servers, protect their organization and resources from the high costs associated with spam, and guard against email-borne viruses, worms and spyware. A partnership with Northwrite Consulting will open up additional U.S. and International distribution channels through their partnerships with ISP's and Telco's.

Northwrite evaluated many solutions available in the market place before deciding to switch from their current solution to Global Tenant. We are pleased to be the chosen service provider, and appreciate the confidence in our products and services.

5/2/2005 - Global Tenant forges relationship with T4 Technologies:

T4 Technologies, the Midwest choice for non-profit IT design and development, selected Global Tenant to help their non-profit customers block spam and eliminate inbound email viruses. “Like any For-Profit company, Non-profits need to take email security and spam blocking measures to protect themselves; and due to the nature of their work these protections can be even more crucial then those of their For-Profit counterparts. Imagine how having pornographic e-mail relayed off of a Non-Profits mail server could impact their mission based business’s. The majority of Non-Profits are providing community based services and to be brought down by spam, or have their reputations harmed by relaying could be harmful not only to the Non-Profit, but to the communities they serve” says Robert Scott, CEO of T4 Technologies.

Global Tenant recognized the importance of the nonprofits’ work and came to T4 with the platform independent solution. Because Global Tenant Email Security solutions significantly reduce the attack surface of customers email systems, companies breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their chances of being negatively impacted by email threats is greatly reduced.

Hosted Exchange
Global Tenant launches new Hosted Exhange Service with full GT Mail Version 4.5 integration.

Spam Filtering
Global Tenant launches GT Mail Version 4.5 with improved spam filtering and virus protection.

Global Tenant partners with Northwrite Consulting
Global Tenant partners with Northwrite Consulting to provide Email Security Services for 1200 customers. more...
Global Tenant forges relationship with T4 Technologies
T4 Technologies chooses Global Tenant to help their non-profit customers block spam and eliminate inbound email viruses. more...
My inbound email was reduced by 70% on day 1 of implementation.
Our end users are happy with email again... sexually explicit ads have been eliminated
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