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GT Mail 4.5, our premier Email Spam Filtering Service, is a platform independent, secure, reliable and affordable service designed to block spam, eliminate inbound email viruses, and increase your employees productivity. Turn it on today and liberate your email.
Spam Filtering
Global Tenant is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive, network-edge email defense solution that protects the entire corporate messaging infrastructure from email threats. To ensure industry-leading filtering accuracy, our network perimeter-protection service is fortified using a multilayered strategy that combines over 20 forms of spam, virus, content, attachment, and email attack filtering technology.
Primary to Global Tenant’s effectiveness is the implementation of a Stacked Classification Framework spam detection system which combines the most effective spam-fighting filters and techniques in the industry. Through an aggregation and analysis of spam-likelihood scores, our solution blocks 98 percent of spam while maintaining industry-leading low false positive rates (legitimate email misidentified as spam). As new spam-detection techniques and filters are developed, we add them to the Framework, further ensuring spam-filtering effectiveness. Our sophisticated quarantine further reduces false positives and IT administrator burden by allowing end users to customize their filtering policies and manage their own quarantine. Our multiple spam filters include:
  • Statistical Filtering: Global Tenant’s filtering utilizes a statistical Bayesian algorithm to determine the probability that an email message is spam based on how often elements in that message have appeared in other spam emails.

  • Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam™: This award-winning anti-spam technology further enhances Global Tenant’s highly accurate spam filtering solution by providing a wider and more global view of spam traffic. Leveraging Symantec’s Probe Network of over two million spam traps in 20 countries and threat intelligence gathered by processing 100 billion messages per month for 300 million mailboxes, Global Tenant rapidly defends against real-time spam attacks and proactively identifies first-time spam, including English and non-English language spam.

  • Industry & Proprietary Heuristics: Global Tenant incorporates thousands of successful industry-wide spam-fighting rules into its filtering layers. Global Tenant experts write and update thousands of proprietary rules to block spam using real-time data from our Email Defense Threat Center.

  • Reputation Analysis: Like black and white lists, reputation analysis blocks spam based on comprehensive information about the source of the message – rating the reputation of the sender based upon the percentage of spam messages sent from that IP address in the past.

  • URL filtering: URL filtering works by comparing embedded links found in email messages with URLs associated with identified spam.

  • Reputation-based RBL filtering: Global Tenant assigns a level of trust to key real-time blackhole lists (RBL), which rates the reputation of the RBL based on its accuracy at blocking spam.

  • Domain-level black and white lists: Specifically designed to protect against spam, inappropriate content, and email attacks, domain-level black and white lists filter and block unsolicited messages.

  • Distributed black lists: Providing exceptional protection against spam, distributed black lists comprise a number of real-time subscription services including the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) and Global Tenant’s own global deny lists, which include multiple lists of known spammers and their IP addresses.

  • Recipient deny lists (Address): This type of filtering is designed specifically to filter for content and relieve network servers from attempting repeatedly to deliver mail to invalid addresses.

  • User-level black and white lists: Through regularly-delivered Global Tenant Spam Quarantine Reports, end users have the flexibility to develop their own, personal allow and deny lists.
Virus Protection
In our global internet driven community, viruses provide the greatest threat to our revenue, productivity, and security.
Global Tenant understands this better than anyone, we have 15 plus years in the IT industry, imploring our clients to always have updated anti virus software. That is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your systems. GT mail will provide an extra layer of security on top of what you are already doing.
GT mail will strip out any viruses sent through email and act as a gatekeeper for your email.
We first scan any HTML header and body information for dangerous or malicious content. Then we scan each message using industry progressive virus scanners. If a virus is found attacking your system it is immediately removed from the system. An email notification is sent to the sender and receiver of the message indicating the action taken. All virus signatures are updated every 60 minutes to ensure up-to-date scanning processes.

Email Security
Email servers are one of the most vulnerable areas within a company.
Employees need to interact to do business, and everywhere they can interact, they can also be attacked, this is called the attack surface.
If not protected, an email server can be hit by anything, ranging from mildly irritating or even amusing, to malicious and pornographic, to viruses that can shut down systems or worse. An unsecured server has an unacceptable amount of attack surface.
At Global Tenant customers can choose to lock down their firewall and only accept mail that has been filtered through the Global Tenant server. This will drastically decrease the attack surface and prevent the problems associated with spam and email viruses.
This service further increases productivity and decreases the chance of down time by not allowing the drastic waste of bandwidth that is seen on servers plagued with spam. There are very real, very tangible limits to the amount of bandwidth a company has, we at Global Tenant make it easy for companies to stay within those limits.

Flexible Filtering Solutions
GT Mail provides “Flexible Solutions” by allowing our clients to adjust our services to fit their unique business requirements. Mail Administrators have access to their own individual Web Based Admin Tool, where they can adjust almost all of the filtering settings for their organization. For example:
Mail Administrators can “Black List” (Deny all mail) or “White List” (Accept all mail) from any organization or individual they choose. If a domain name is added to the “Black List” it will be immediately denied, likewise if domain name is added to the “White List” it is always accepted, even if it meets every other criteria for SPAM. Even GT’s “Flexible Solutions” are Flexible. Mail Administrators can “Black List” or “White List” by entire domain names ( or by individual e-mail addresses ( This solution is helpful to protect our clients from people who send mail using free public accounts like “Hotmail”. Your Mail Administrator probably doesn’t want to globally block all “Hotmail” users from sending mail to your organization, but would like to stop certain “Hotmail” users. GT Mail allows you to accomplish this goal easily.
Mail Administrators can easily manage what is done with the messages that are determined to be SPAM. By using the Admin Tool they can choose to have all mail flagged as SPAM delivered to a mailbox of their choice for review or deleted immediately.
GT Mail offers many reporting tools that show you the value of our services. Mail Administrators can choose who receives these reports.
By providing our clients with these “Flexible Solutions” it enhances the quality of our services, our overall customer satisfaction, and separates Global Tenant from its competitors.

Global Tenant, Inc. Email Security Solutions Provide Advanced Email Defense

Global Tenant provides email protection and security solutions for businesses, service providers, and partners and their clients. With virtually no upfront costs or integration lead time, our solutions allow you to protect your email environment from spam, viruses, worms, malicious content and other email-borne threats at the network perimeter - before they can damage an organization's internal messaging infrastructure.

The Cost of Spam

Spam now accounts for close to 70 percent of all email volume, and virus and worm attacks are costing corporations billions in clean-up efforts. Email Defense Services from Global Tenant help organizations eliminate unwanted email and benefit from:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Decreased IT costs and resources
  • Decreased network and storage costs
  • Reduced corporate liability

The Fight Against Spam and Viruses

Using proven analytics, advanced technology, and a team of highly-experienced threat specialists, Global Tenant solutions include:

Advanced Spam Blocking - Block 98 percent of spam and eliminate associated costs

Virus and Worm Scanning - Integrate maximum protection against dangerous virus and worm outbreaks

Content and Attachment Filtering - Reduce corporate liability and risk while increasing corporate spam control

Fraud Protection - Protect email users from online identity theft scams

Email Attack Protection - Shield your network from vulnerability and attack

Outbound Email Filtering - Protect corporate integrity by establishing sent file policies

GT Mail Fail Safe Disaster Recovery Service - Ensure email is secure during planned and unplanned network outages

Centralized, policy-based administration - Manage email defense easily and effectively

Quarantine management - Customize how quarantined mail is handled

Around-the-clock monitoring and protection - Feel confident in dedicated network protection

Group policies management - Create user groups, and subscribe each group to a unique set of filtering policies for effective email handling

Secure message delivery - Ensure security with encrypted message delivery via Transport Layer Security (TLS)

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